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We are a team of experienced and certified crime prevention consultants who provide customized solutions for your security needs. Whether you are a business owner, architect, developer, educator, property manager, or community leader, we can help you reduce the risk of crime and enhance the safety of your property and people.

Joell McNew, President 

Safeguard Strategy Crime Prevention Consultants is proud to be a Certified Texas HUB. We offer decades of expertise in many, interconnected fields. Our team’s members possess decorated military careers and extensive law enforcement service. Our consultants have served in dense metropolitan areas as well as top-rated University settings, their experience in physical security is second to none.

This experience also extends to more sensitive areas as well. The team has years of experience working in lab settings and work in counter-terrorism operations. In addition to having performed security assessments for facilities like world-class research hospitals and a division one university while serving the Texas DPS. The assessment and protection of high-value facilities while maintaining professionalism and precision are at the core of who we are.

S E R V I C E S     I N C L U D E

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED): General consultation discussing CPTED principles and how to incorporate them into a new or existing project/property. Working with our clients to understand the primary concepts and provide examples of effective CPTED concepts. 

  • Physical Security Audits and Assessments: An independent evaluation of your property and its security features at the time of assessment. We will identify key assets and security risks, and then analyze your existing security procedures and systems. Also review the impact of the current staff and how they may impact the security of the property. We will develop recommendations for cost-effective ways in which security may be improved.

  • Multi-housing Crime Prevention Program: Participate in our CPTED-Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Multi-housing program. Learn the 3 stages of the program from training, and physical assessment of the property to community engagement. Crime and Drug-free multi-housing programs have been shown to decrease crime and improve the quality of life for residents in rental multi-housing communities. A collaborative effort with property management, residents, and law enforcement. 


  • Security Policies and Procedures Development: Assist customers with reviewing current policies and procedures as well as develop additional processes to improve safety and security best practices. 

  • Security Awareness and Education Programs: Successful security programs are built on a strong foundation of collaboration, education, and a team committed to maintaining a safe environment. We will assist your team with information to build an awareness program and provide presentations to educate the importance of crime prevention and tools to create and maintain a safer environment. 

  • Crime Prevention Partnerships and Networking: Stay connected, follow us on social media, and look for program announcements on our website for events, activations, and training as well as blog topics on safety, security, and CPTED. Together we will create safer communities, one space at a time.

We are committed to delivering high-quality service and customer satisfaction.




Our team is passionate about crime prevention and providing our clients with the most effective and efficient security consulting strategies that will help them achieve their goals. 

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