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We're committed to helping our clients improve safety and security,

one space at a time.

Our certified practitioners help city planners, architects, educators, and business owners enhance their safety, security, and community well-being through effective CPTED-based environmental design principles. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a strategy that aims to reduce crime and increase safety by designing the built environment in a way that discourages criminal activity. By using CPTED principles, public safety can be improved, and communities can be made safer. Safety and security are our top priorities; our mission is to make the world a safer place.


We are a proud Certified Texas HUB based in Austin, Texas. Our team is experienced and certified crime prevention consultants who provide customized solutions for your security needs. Whether you are a business owner, architect, developer, property manager, or community leader, we can help you reduce the risk of crime and enhance the safety of your property and people.


Our team is passionate about crime prevention and providing our clients the most effective and efficient security strategies that will help them achieve their goals. 


  • CPTED Consulting Services

  • Physical Security Assessments (General)

  • Houses of Worship Security Assessments 

  • Education Security Assessments K-12/Charter Schools/Higher Education 

  • Multi-Family Housing Security Assessments​

  • Multi-housing Crime Prevention Program

  • Security Design Review

  • Training ​

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